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  • Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Melanie Achilles. I am a German graphic designer based in Berlin. On this site you can view my projects or download a selection of work examples.

    Derriere la revolte des banlieues

    This poster I designed in collaboration with Susanne Probst for the competition »Students, all to Chaumont!«. Our assignment was to express ourselves on a recent French issue and to take a position to the unbearable persistence of social injustice and discriminations poising our societies.

    The jury chose to show our result at the Poster and Graphic Art Festival in Chaumont.

    Title: »La liberte guidant le peuple«, poster,  Din A 1, 2006

    About my hometown

    Offenbach is a city with a variety of different faces shaped by many cultures and diversities. It is not easy for everyone to like this particular place. For me, living in Offenbach is like playing cards. Therefore you can see in this animation pictures of gambling, winning, losing and shuffling cards. My cards show daily images and my personal impression of the city. I think living in Offenbach stands for »Nothing ventured – nothing gained«.

    Thhe animation was originally made for the competition called »Heimat Offenbach«, held by the Rotary Club Offenbach, and it was awarded with the second price.

    Title: »Offenbach – Wer wagt gewinnt!«, flash animation, 60 sec, 2006

    Learning more about architecture

    Both – for children and for adults – it is sometimes hard to distinguish between different styles of art or design. This series of posters shows different styles of architecture and aims to aid memorizing them. Each of them shows a picture of one significant example that is layered  by engraving shapes of the particular style. The complemented shapes contain some additional information and important dates. Therefore, the posters could be used in schools or other public institutions.

    poster architektur

    poster architektur

    poster architektur

    Title: “Epochen der Architektur”, poster series, Din A1, 2006

    Clicking to find your love

    Finding a partner on the internet is sometimes quite bizarre. For this installation I collected images that are often used on the web to attract users. I drew these glossy and elusive pictures on shields and placed these shields in real space. Thus, a path to someone´s dream partner should be simulated. As in webspace the observer got from one page to the next one watching a variety of banners and instructions that might be often very confusing and never leads to a successful end.

    installation klick ins glück

    Title: »Der Klick ins Glück«, installation, pencil-drawings on shields, various formats, 2006

    Playing with numbers

    Is it possible to measure and compare the quality of your home? I analysed my flat and its neighbourhood and tried to document the facts in pictures. As material to show the results I used what I stumbled across at home. So the results have even a stronger reference to myself. At the end, the booklet contains different relations, sizes and measures that don’t exist of exact and arithmetical values. They accord more to my very personal experience.

    Title: »Playing with numbers«, booklet, 18 pages, 13,5 x 21 cm,  2006