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  • Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Melanie Achilles. I am a German graphic designer based in Berlin. On this site you can view my projects or download a selection of work examples.

    Graduation project: Books in the Digital Age

    Hard-cover, likeable material and easy to handle – in this classic, almost sacred body I present my diploma-thesis about books in the digital age. The reader is offered an insight into various aspects of my discussion. Four different titles helped me to cope with the ambiguous character of books.

    .»The Book as a Cultural Artefact«, »The Book and its Reader«, »The Book as a Product« and »The Book and its Designer«: A cover designed purely typographical does not yet reveal the specific inside of each volume…


    Overview:  »The Book as a Cultural Artefact«

    diplom buch 1

    Overview: »The Book and its Reader«

    diplom buch 2

    Overview: »The Book as a Product«

    diplom buch3

    Overview: »The Book and its Designer«

    For the following title I deliberately decided to break with the present concept by using the method of »copy-paste«. I replaced my own writings by a collection of articles I have found in different blogs.

    Graduation project: More details

    I created a layout with variable parameters. This allowed me to change pictures, fonts and typographical details in each book. An easy access is given by well-structured texts, including links to short information, references or interrelated aspects in one of the other volumes.

    Graduation project: Making of

    To produce the images of the book with the title »The Book and its Reader« I used this old-school modell of WISSNER CNC. All my illustrations were carved into wood for printing.

    Title: »Books in the Digital Age«, book series, incl 4 volumes, 136 / 112 / 116 and 100 pages, 16cm x 21,5cm,  2009